Who we are


Founded by Nicole Junkermann, an entrepreneur and investor who has previously raised her own significant private equity fund. NJF Capital brings a deep understanding of business strategy, entrepreneurial know-how and a wide network across business and government. We use that experience in disciplines including brand building, recruitment, admin and legal and regulatory environments, to help our portfolio companies on their growth journey.



NJF Capital serves as a bridge between traditional business and industry-defining technologies. We use our experience to support transformative entrepreneurs who want to define and disrupt new and existing industries.



The NJF Capital team are guided by a clear set of values. We are a people first business who work hard and competitively but with fairness, authenticity, a continual thirst for knowledge and a focus on the long term. We work with like-minded entrepreneurs, with the same values, who are looking to change our relationship with the digital world.

What we believe in


We believe in the importance of authenticity, that the fundamentals of business do not change and that an entrepreneur’s journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

We believe that one of the most exciting spaces today is where old and new come together and that the future of technology lies in understanding the limits of total disruption.

Our philosophy has evolved from marketplaces and e-commerce to a sharper focus on enterprise and deep technologies.

What we are looking for


NJF Capital invests in entrepreneurs with international, scalable products across sectors including financial services, healthcare, cyber security and media. We work closely with these entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals. We focus our investments on companies that are seeking to be industry-defining. Through our networks in Europe, the US, China and the rest of the world, NJF Capital invests alongside some of the leading angels and VCs globally.