Groq develops the new generation of tensor processing unit (TPU), which will be an integrated circuit developed specifically for machine learning. The co-founders, Jonathan Ross and Douglas Wightman were originally part of the Google’s TPU Team.



Aiming to re-engineer ecommerce for all online retail merchants and consumers, Bolt launched the first truly “all-in-one” payments platform. Bolt bridges the gaps between several siloed products in the market. Online retailers are losing thousands of customers and billions in revenue every year because current payment systems are highly fragmented, requiring the integration of checkout, payment, and fraud detection systems in a layered construct. Bolt's highly-optimized checkout solution generates 10%-50% more revenue for every ecommerce company that installs it, and because Bolt provides end-to-end payment processing, data collected across the stack can be used to train superior fraud detection algorithms. With far lower fraud rates, Bolt is able to cover all fraud. Founded in 2006 by Ryan Breslow and Eric Feldman, Bolt has received significant funding and is being backed by an esteemed list of investors including founders of PayPal, Intuit, and Oculus.


San Francisco, California

Sentient has created the largest and most powerful intelligent system in the world. We harness the potential of massive data to solve highly complex problems. Our artificial intelligence (AI) can identify and answer critical questions in new and ground-breaking ways, while empowering people and businesses to make smarter decisions.


London, UK

Create and share real-time highlights to multiple social and digital platforms. Produce live, multi-stream, digital broadcasts from a web-browser.


Paris, France

Efficient Data. Effective Medicine. Artificial Intelligence to make accurate medical predictions. Big Data Science applied to health sector.


Stockholm, Sweden

Soundtrack Your Brand is a Spotify-backed company founded in 2013 on a mission to kill bad background music. Headquartered in downtown Stockholm, we’ve spent the last couple of years building the world’s best music streaming service for businesses. 


Berlin, Germany

Increase value and flexibility for your payment recipients. OptioPay is an online payment platform which increases payments by offering higher-value gift cards as a payment method.


Dublin, Ireland

Eagle Alpha enables Asset Managers to obtain alpha from Alternative Data.